I am fully aware that the econo-boffins wants us to spend, splurge and go haywire with our hard-earned cash. And in my past life I’ve been a little bit too willing to heed their advice. Not so anymore.

Just recently there was two very interesting blog posts, from people of way superior communicative skills than myself, on the theme of how to spend it (and I’m not referring to the Financial Times weekend thingy. That little number is just too absurd…).

First this, from Lifehacker - and their solution/suggestion is something that I’ve already put in place. All I need now is the resolve to stick to it.

Then this piece, courtesy of Seth Godin. And what he said really got the gears spinning. It’s all about choices – some more long-term than others. You give something up today, in order to get something else in the future. I’ve been telling my kids this for ages.

Perhaps it’s time i started telling myself the same story?

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