Remember, remember the…18th of May? Naah, that didn’t work out as planned…

Historical day today!

Following some ten months of industrious bicycle commuting, I finally managed to crash! Brutally. Over the handlebars, no less. And it involved a party of the second party…

So, universe – I’ve survived a few scrapes, was allowed to get away with stuff that I really shouldn’t have gotten away with. And now this. Could we call it blank slate? OK?

Postscript – and a word to the wise. Should you find yourself in a situation wherein you are approaching a teenage cyclist, apparently on his/her/it’s way to school, in the morning, sporting a dreamy kind of look in the eyes (and a pair of headphones) on a narrow piece of cycle path - give said person a wide berth

It could turn out that, as you move to your right to create space, he/she/it moves to his/her/it’s left, to create chaos:-)

Voila, a chance to validate one of Newton’s theories…

The urge to splurge!


I’ve recently bought a nice new camera (Olympus XZ-1, if anyone was interested) after having realised that there are next to no piccies of the kids taken after 2007. Which was when the old camera went bust. And whatever pictures there are, they are snapped with a mobile phone. To varying degrees of horrible.

So, you ask – what’s so special about that then. There’s not even images uploaded of friends, dogs and gear. Nada!

Well, the Success!  part refers to the fact that I – for the first time in a long time – actually made a plan for spending a wad of cash. Previously my behaviour was something along the lines of:

  1. Get idea
  2. Research on the InterWebz
  3. Decide that I’ll die tomorrow if I don’t order right now!
  4. Find decent price
  5. Whip out credit card and get deeper in debt.
  6. Suffer a minor case of the Angst for having done so…

So, having done steps one and two I actually managed to put my Grown-Up hat on and ask .”Do I really have to have this right now? And do I have the funds for it right here and now?” Since the answer to both of these boooooring Grown-Up questions was a clear and distinct NO! I actually managed to practise the restraint needed to defer to the next paycheck – which I knew would contain a bit of financial windfall.

And then I splurged. Well knowing that it was OK, it didn’t break the bank and all was well.

The paradox for me is that, having spent quite a lot of money (for me, at least), I’m actually closer to my goal of practising financial frugality than I was before. Nice, innit?

The Challenge in retrospect

This is something that I should have done way, way back. But somehow never got around to…

Anyways, here’s my summary of the TPB-inspired 30-day challenge I submitted myself to during March.

First off all I would like to, in all honesty, admit to failing at the challenge. Although some parts went quite well (Move slow, lift heavy) I did tend to cheat on some of the others, mainly food-and-drink-related things…  I’m a bit too much of a beer-hog, (lover, enthusiast, drunkard – it’s all the same to me…) and at times processed stuff made a short and tasty journey through my innards.

So, where does that lead us? Well, for one I intend to do another challenge shortly. Same duration – 30 days – only this time it will be in the form of ten three-day challenges. I’ve noted a tendency in myself to having problems keeping focus for so long a time. So, by cutting down the duration and being able to give myself a pat on the back after three days (Attaboy, well done. Have a para nut…) I imagine that the journey will be somewhat easier.

Then, there is the item of restraint. As I’ve previously mentioned, restraint is sort of my motto for the year. I’ve come to a point in my life where I realise that unless I start practicing restraint on all levels, things are going to go downhill. And quite rapidly at that. Hence another round of challenge(s) is called for. Although this time around I’ll skip the documentary part…

So, starting next week I’m officially launching the brand new “3X10-day Challenge” – obviously with the ulterior motive of getting fit for Beach 2012:-)

Day 30 – April 4th

  1. Eat lots of food and plants – I’m thinking that a celebration is in order. Steaks, anyone?
  2. Move around a lot at a slow pace – Absolutely.
  3. Lift heavy things – Morning and evening, PUs and some chins
  4. Run very fast every once in a while – Done
  5. Get lots of sleep – Yes, actually. A full 8 hours.
  6. Play – Yes
  7. Get some sunlight every day – Bit of a lunch-walkabout.
  8. Avoid trauma – Done
  9. Avoid poisonous things – Done
  10. Use your mind – And done!

Day 29 – April 3rd

  1. Eat lots of food and plants – Yes
  2. Move around a lot at a slow pace – This has not been the quickest (or most motivated) week of my life…
  3. Lift heavy things – Tuesday Kettlebell FTW
  4. Run very fast every once in a while – I  wouldn’t say very
  5. Get lots of sleep – Must get better
  6. Play – Check
  7. Get some sunlight every day – Sun showed up today, so yes
  8. Avoid trauma – Check!
  9. Avoid poisonous things – A Danish in the morning illustrates the disconnect between what the brain wants and what the body needs. I feel queasy.
  10. Use your mind – Oh, I’ve done that, all right.

Day 28 – April 2nd

  1. Eat lots of food and plants – Check
  2. Move around a lot at a slow pace – Yes. And hard work it was, in the snow and cold.
  3. Lift heavy things – Consolidation training, without much enthusiasm.
  4. Run very fast every once in a while – Done
  5. Get lots of sleep – No. My sleep cycle has gone all haywire as of lately.
  6. Play – No.
  7. Get some sunlight every day – Done-ish.
  8. Avoid trauma – Yes
  9. Avoid poisonous things – No. I happened to find this candy bar with my name on it…
  10. Use your mind – Hardly…